Prozign is a leading Houston-Based design partnership practicing architecture, planning, and cultural research. Established in 1988, our work spans a broad range of project typologies. Prozign's buildings create informed environments with intelligent shapes and systems, inventing new possibilities for a buildings experience.

  • Higher Education

    We believe in a sensitive balance between students and faculty in the college campus buildings they inhabit throughout the formative higher educational experience. Our office has specialized in a range of college-level buildings including student centers, classroom buildings, and laboratory spaces.
  • K-12 Education

    Fundamental educational buildings used by students and their educators allow for environments that support learning skills necessary for life and future educational endeavors. Over the years we have designed a range of elementary, middle, and high schools for Houston educators and students, enhancing this vital interaction.
  • Parking Garages

    Functional parking requirements and the expertise to move a vehicle fluidly in and out of a structure is an architectural specialty that we retain. We have provided highly-functional parking structures to many clients, from the Houston Rockets Stadium to the IAH Airport System and Texas A&M Kyle Field.
  • Commercial

    Our Houston-based clients have consulted us for decades on the best use, shape, and function of their buildings. From offices to factories, shops to medical offices, we know how to make a building perform for the client’s specific needs.
  • Interior Design

    The interior of a building is a complex transformable component that can satisfy a multitude of uses. Our role is to take an existing building and make the space work for your needs. Our interiors department offers a range of services including space utilization studies, complex reprogramming, and simple finish renovations.
  • Civic

    Civic buildings shape our society, ensure our safety, and serve the public. We have successfully provided buildings to many public servants over the decades we have been in business, including courthouses, police stations, fire departments, libraries and more.

Eastwood Academy High School